Andreas Parish Commissioners

The four current members of the Andreas Parish Commissioners have been elected by the people of the Parish to administer a range of local government functions and, whenever possible, to act as the voice of the Parish by bringing local issues and views to the attention of central government and other outside parties.

The Commissioners make themselves readily available to all residents and ratepayers of the Parish to answer any queries or to take up any local government related problems that arise.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month in the Meeting Room at Andreas Parish Hall.

Jimmy Allison
Representative for following Board:
       Northern Civic Amenity Site

Jackie Faragher
Representative for following Committee
       Northern Local Authorities Swim Pool Board

Vicky Hind
Representative for following Boards/Committees
        Northern Neighbours Police Team & Ramsey & Northern Districts Elderly Persons Housing Committee

Susan Craine
Representative for following Committee
Northern Parishes Refuse Collection Board

Clerk to Commissioners & Responsible Finance Officer
Maureen Callow
Telephone: 07624 306103

The rate for Andreas Parish Commissioners for 2023/24 has now been set at 134p in the £1 with effect from 1st April 2023.